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Hartshill Community Centre

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debt and benefit advice

North Warwickshire Borough Council has installed a community hub in the Centre which provides direct access to their services and to other agencies. This replaces the Branching Out Bus that used to park near the Post Office.

The Hub provides a direct free telephone link via computer to various services that provide advice and information over the internet on a wide range of subjects. All contacts are private and confidential. Typical information that can be accessed includes:

• Debt and benefit advice
• Money management
• Health issues
• Housing issues
• Job re-training
• Applying for jobs on line

Plus many more subjects; volunteers will show you how to get to the relevant website.

In 2013 all applications/enquiries for social benefits will have to be made via the computer network.

Contact with a CAB Advisor is by appointment only.

Volunteers always welcome. Why not volunteer to help others and develop your skills at the same time.

Contact: Adam Farrell 01827 717073